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Operations Consulting

Launching a new business or startup is an exhilarating journey filled with highs, lows, and numerous challenges along the way. As someone who has navigated the complexities of entrepreneurship, technology, and business planning, I understand the unique set of obstacles new businesses face. 

That’s why I offer specialized coaching and advisement services to guide you through every stage of your startup journey, ensuring you are well-equipped for success.

Comprehensive Guidance

From ideation to scaling, I provide a 360-degree approach to business coaching. With an MBA and a PMP, I incorporate best practices from project management and corporate strategy into my coaching methodology. This ensures not only the creative aspect of your startup but also the operational and financial metrics are aligned with your business objectives.

Tailored Startup Advisement

Every startup is different, with its unique challenges and opportunities. Using my vast experience in various industries, I tailor my advisement services to meet the specific needs of your startup. Whether you need guidance on product development, market fit, investor pitching, or team building, my services are designed to provide you actionable insights that make a tangible difference.

Lean Startup Methodology

The Lean Startup Methodology is at the heart of my advising strategy. This involves a systematic, scientific approach for creating and managing successful startups in an age when companies have to innovate more than ever. We’ll go through iterations of building, measuring, and learning to ensure that your business is continuously evolving and adapting to market demands.

Network and Connections

Your network can make or break your startup. Leveraging extensive connections in various sectors—from technology and finance to marketing—I offer my clients access to a valuable network of professionals and potential investors. It’s not just about who you know; it’s also about who knows you and the credibility that my endorsement brings.

"Working with Neil was a game-changer for my business. Nathan’s expertise and extensive academic background was evident from our very first meeting. His deep-rooted understanding of business operations, paired with his startup experiences and PMP insights, crafted solutions that were tailor-made for our specific goals. Nathan doesn't just bring a wealth of knowledge; he brings a nuanced, logical perspective that is genuinely unmatched."

Mindset Coaching

Startups are a mental game as much as they are a business challenge. By incorporating principles from my book on entrepreneurship and personal development, I also focus on mindset coaching. This helps startup founders build the resilience and mental fortitude required to navigate the turbulent waters of startup life.

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Ask Nathan

How do I build a strong company culture from the ground up?

Building a Strong Company Culture is not just a nice-to-have; it's a business imperative. A positive culture can significantly impact employee satisfaction, retention, and overall productivity, making it a key factor for long-term success. Establishing this culture from the ground up is especially crucial for startups and new businesses, as it sets the tone for all future interactions and growth. The first step in building a strong company culture is Defining Your Values and Mission. These should be more than just words on a website; they should be the guiding principles for every decision and interaction within the company. Take the time to involve your team in this process, ensuring that the values resonate with everyone and are actionable. Once your values and mission are clear, the next step is Leadership Alignment. Leaders set the tone for the company culture, and it's crucial that they embody the values and mission in their actions and decisions. This includes not just C-level executives but also middle management, as they are often the most direct point of contact for most employees. Open Communication is another pillar of a strong company culture. This includes transparent sharing of company goals and performance, as well as creating an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas and feedback. Tools like regular town halls, anonymous suggestion boxes, and open-door policies can facilitate this. Employee Recognition and Reward Systems are also crucial. Recognizing and rewarding employees for their contributions, both big and small, can go a long way in building a positive culture. This doesn't always have to be financial; even a public acknowledgment in a team meeting can have a significant impact. Work-Life Balance is often overlooked but is crucial for long-term employee satisfaction and retention. This could mean offering flexible working hours, remote work options, or additional vacation days. A culture that respects work-life balance is more likely to attract and retain top talent. Professional Development Opportunities can also contribute to a strong company culture. This could be in the form of training programs, workshops, or even a library of resources for self-learning. Investing in your employees' growth not only benefits them but also contributes to a culture of continuous improvement. Regular Check-Ins and Surveys can help you gauge the effectiveness of your culture-building efforts. Tools like employee engagement surveys or regular one-on-one check-ins can provide valuable insights into what's working and what needs improvement.