About Me

I’m Nathan Neil, an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and renowned authority in business and technology. With a deep passion for knowledge-sharing, I have spent my career exploring the domains of big data, analytical trends, and RFID technology. My research has garnered international recognition and my efforts have been rewarded with prestigious accolades such as the Forty Under 40 award, Executive Management Awards finalist position, and the Intel Excellence in Computer Science and Grace Murray Hopper Prize.

My academic journey began at Shippensburg University, where I earned my Bachelors in Science and Business Administration.  I later returned to Shippensburg to further enrich my business knowledge with a Master of Business Administration.

My entrepreneurial spirit led me to establish several successful ventures including LaunchUX, a boutique digital marketing firm known for delivering quality leads and maintaining client engagement. I am also the proud founder of MSP Web Pro, a white-label website development and SEO company. Solinkit, my technology consulting firm, offers effective technology solutions and outsourced IT services.

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